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The best residential and business cleaning service in Las Vegas

If you have one or more properties and you need someone to leave them ready for the new tenants, our basic
weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning service is; cleaning of high contact and interaction surfaces.
Independent workstations, light switches, handrails, general accesses.

Dusting surfaces and light fixtures
Sweep up dust and mop on wet floors
Cleaning the air conditioning and heating vents
Remove the rubbish
Spill Cleanup
Bathroom cleaning
Wall stain cleaning
Storage equipment

Commercial janitorial

Based in the regulated cleaning standards, this service includes the complete clean and disinfection of surfaces in all the
facility, daily collect and empty of garbage bins, glass wipe, and floor sweep and mop.
In our modalities: Daily, weekly and monthly. From regular to deep cleaning. All this previously scheduled for each
month of service, according to the contract.

Residential Deep

Our service in regular mode, is based on the complete cleaning of all areas of the house. Starting in the hall, to the
laundry room. Passing each area by sweeping, dusting and disinfection of surfaces, garbage disposal and a basic
organization of some items.

Residential Regular

Our Deep Cleaning Service. It is the performance of a thorough inspection and execution of techniques that will leave all
areas of your home immaculate.
As well as in regular service, we also focus in detail both on surfaces and in places of high contact and interaction. From
sweeping, mopping, dusting, sanitizing and vacuuming, to cleaning oil stains from your garage.
Definitely a worthwhile service.

The best residential and business cleaning service in Las Vegas

Deep cleaning professionals

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